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Be Ready to Vote – May 29, 2023

Information for Voters

  • Be Ready to Vote

    Start checking items off your voting checklist as we get closer to our fixed Election Date of May 29, 2023.

  • Register to Vote

    Register to vote now to make your voting process faster and easier when you go to vote in May!

  • How to Register Online

    Need help registering to vote? Learn more about the process or call us at 1-877-422-VOTE.

  • How to Vote

    Explore the various options to cast your ballot, including voting by mail.

  • Apply for a Special Ballot

    Not able to vote in advance or on Election Day? Learn more about voting by Special Ballot.

  • ID Required to Vote

    New this election, ID with your name and physical address is required to vote. Learn more about what ID we can accept.

Information for Political Participants

  • Run as a Candidate

    Learn more about the process of becoming a candidate in the 2023 Provincial General Election

  • Contribution Rules

    Learn how much can be contributed to political participants and the rules for contributing

  • Expense Limits

    Learn more about spending limits for political participants during an election period

  • Election Third Party Advertisers

    Find resources for Election TPAs and find out who’s registered.

  • Advertising Guidelines

    Advertising guidelines apply to all candidate, party, constituency association and third-party advertiser ads. Learn more about the requirements for ads.

  • Government Advertising Restrictions

    Government advertising restrictions will be in effect between May 1 – 29. Find out the rules here.

Information for the Media

  • News Releases

    Find all our news releases here.

  • Advertisements

    Looking for our Register to Vote campaign assets? Find our materials here.

  • Important Dates

    • March 31, 2023

      Party, Constituency Association, and Third Party Advertiser Annual Financial Statements Due

    • April 17, 2023 (Publication on May 2, 2023)

      Party and Third Party Advertiser Q1 Contribution Reports Due

    • May 1, 2023

      Writs Issued for the 2023 Provincial General Election