How to Vote

Choose your Preferred Voting Option

Once a writ of election is issued, the 28-day election period commences. Electors can choose when and where to vote from several different options. For example, while the majority of electors vote in person on Election Day or during the five days of advance voting, there are opportunities on all 28-days of the election calendar for electors to vote.

During an election, more information will be provided about your closest locations and alternative options on your Where to Vote card or on our Where to Vote website.

Voting In Person

There are four in person voting options available to voters during the election period:

1) Election Day

On Election Day, every elector is assigned a voting location based on their place of ordinary residence. Electors may only vote at their assigned voting location.

All Election Day voting locations are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Election Day voting locations are usually established in schools, churches, community halls, and other public buildings to provide electors with a voting location that is close to where they live.

Electors that are unable to vote on Election Day should consider voting in advance, voting at the returning office, or voting by mail.

2) Advance Voting

Advance voting takes place the week before Election Day, from Tuesday through Saturday, between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. While days and hours of operation may vary for some locations, every electoral division will have at least one location open for the full voting period.

Electors may choose to vote at any advance voting location.

Advance voting locations are often established in malls, community centres, libraries, work camps, universities, and other public buildings to provide electors with locations that are convenient to where they live, work, shop or travel.

Voting in advance is the preferred option for electors that cannot attend their assigned voting location on Election Day. Electors that cannot vote at an Advance or Election Day location can also vote by mail.

3) Vote at the Returning Office

If you are unable to vote on Election Day or on advance voting days, you may vote at the returning office for your electoral division. This option is available once the writ is issued, for the entire 28-day election period.

4) Mobile Voting

Some facilities are eligible to receive a mobile voting station on Election Day or during advance voting days. Eligible facilities include:

  • Treatment Centres, such as hospitals and facilities providing care under the Mental Health Act;
  • Supportive Living Facilities, such as lodges, and facilities providing assisted living and accommodation;
  • Long-term Care Facilities;
  • Emergency Shelters providing short-term housing for individuals experiencing homelessness or escaping domestic violence; and
  • Community Support Centres providing services to people experiencing poverty or homelessness.

Facilities must have at least 10 electors that are resident or receiving services at the facility to be eligible for a mobile voting station. The date and hours of operation of the voting station are established in consultation with the facility operator, considering the number of electors that reside or receive services at the facility.

Only residents and those receiving services at the facility may vote at a mobile voting station. Identification is not required, but the facility representative must confirm that the individual resides or receives services at the facility. Staff and family members are not eligible to vote at a mobile voting station.

Mobile voting provides electors that are unable to  provide identification or access Election Day or advance voting locations with a voting opportunity within the facility that they reside or receive services.

Guides are available for facility operators to learn more about mobile voting options.

How to Vote in Person  Time off for Voting

Voting By Mail

Electors that are unable to vote in advance or on Election Day because they are:

  • physically disabled,
  • away from their electoral division,
  • an inmate,
  • an election officer, candidate, official agent or scrutineer, or
  • living in a remote area, as defined in the Election Act

may apply to vote by special ballot. Special ballots may be completed in the returning office at Elections Alberta, picked up by a designate of the elector, or mailed to the elector.

Electors planning to vote by mail are encouraged to request their package early. Special ballot packages can only be sent out once the writ is issued and must be received back at the returning office or Elections Alberta prior to the close of voting on Election Day. This provides just 28 days to send, complete, and return the package.

How to Vote by Mail

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