How to Vote by Mail

Electors that are unable to vote in-person, may vote by mail by applying for a Special Ballot.

Submit your request to receive a Special Ballot online, by phone or by email.

You may choose to:

  • Mail the ballot to your home address,
  • Mail the ballot to an alternate address (E.g. for those working away, at school, on vacation, etc.),
  • Pick the ballot up at your Returning Office or at the Elections Alberta office, or
  • Arrange for a designate to pick it up from the Returning Office or at Elections Alberta.

Note: Packages mailed internationally and to remote locations in Canada will take more time for delivery.
Electors in these areas should request their package early to allow time for delivery.

Voting Process

Once you have received your package, follow the steps below to vote.

1. Review the package and the instructions

Make sure that you have received:

  • A Special Ballot
  • A Ballot Envelope (Envelope A)
  • A Return Envelope (Envelope B)
  • A Special Ballot Declaration
  • A list of authorized identification
  • Instructions for how to complete your Special Ballot

2. Write in the name of the candidate or the registered political party that you wish to vote for – on the ballot, legibly, in pencil or pen.

Special Ballots are a write-in ballot. They do not contain the names of the candidates running in your electoral division. Elections Alberta will post the list of candidates as their nomination papers are accepted. It is recommended that electors wait until nominations close, so they are aware of all candidates that are running before completing their ballot.

3. Seal your ballot.

Put your ballot in the grey Ballot Envelope (A) and seal the envelope.

Do not put anything else inside of this envelope.

4. Complete your special ballot declaration.

Review the declaration form, making sure that your name, address and other information on the form is correct. Review the declaration statement and sign and date the form.

If there are any errors, please call 1-877-422-8683.

5. Make a copy of your identification

Include a copy of your Alberta Driver’s License or Identification Card with your name and current physical address showing, or two pieces of identification, both with your name and one piece showing your current physical address.

6. Prepare your package for return mailing

Put your Ballot Envelope (A), Special Ballot Declaration, and a copy of your identification into the purple Return Envelope (B).

Seal the envelope.

7. Mail or return the envelope to the returning office – so that it is received before 8:00 pm on Election Day.

When your Special Ballot package is received at the returning office, an election officer will open it to confirm that you have signed the declaration and sent in a copy of your identification. Once these documents are confirmed, your ballot envelope will be placed in the ballot box, and you will have successfully voted by mail.