How to Register a Leadership Contest

Leadership Contest Responsibility

A party who needs to select a new leader must inform Elections Alberta before holding a leadership contest. To inform us, the party must complete and file a Leadership Contest Statement outlining the start date of the contest and the date or dates for voting.

Once the contest has been held, the party must inform Elections Alberta of the contest results. To do so, the party must complete and file a Notice of Leadership Contest Results.

Leadership Contestant Responsibility

You must register as a Leadership Contestant once you announce that you are seeking the leadership of a party. Your announcement date becomes your registration effective date. You cannot raise or spend funds for your leadership campaign before your registration effective date.

The above applies regardless of whether or not your party has announced the leadership contest.

To register, complete the Registration of a Leadership Contestant application form and submit it to Elections Alberta. Once we process your application we will send you a letter confirming your registration, and a signed copy of your application for registration form.

IMPORTANT: You cannot appoint a CFO on your registration application if the person is on Elections Alberta’s current ineligible persons list.


If you are registered and for any reason decide to withdraw your registration, you are strongly encouraged to inform Elections Alberta as soon as possible by filing a Withdrawal of a Leadership Contestant. Your campaign will end on the date of withdrawal and we will follow up with you to ensure that you meet your financial reporting obligations to disclose your financial activity up to the point of withdrawal.

Financial Statement

Every leadership contestant that has been registered with Elections Alberta must file a Leadership Contestant Campaign financial statement within four months after the leadership contest.  Even if a contestant withdraws or has their registration cancelled, they still must submit a financial statement to Elections Alberta.