Every Albertan can play an active role in encouraging others to participate in our elections and democracy.

To get involved, we encourage everyone to:

  • Watch debates, visit party websites, and learn more about their platforms,
  • Discuss the issues that are important to you with your friends and family,
  • Find out how candidates are addressing your unique concerns,
  • Become a campaign volunteer for a candidate in your electoral division,
  • Volunteer as a scrutineer to represent candidates at a voting location,
  • Work as an election officer to be part of the democratic process,
  • Vote together, by encouraging your friends and family to come with you to vote, and/or
  • Request a presentation for your classroom or community to provide information related to the election and democracy.

Elections Alberta partners with both local and national organizations to provide programming, education, and outreach resources to further encourage electors’ and future voters’ participation and engagement in our electoral process.

Check out who we are partnering with below. If you are interested in working in collaboration with us to promote elections, democracy and civic participation please contact us by email at or call 780-427-7191.

Community Outreach Programs

Participating in any of the following programs? Expect to see Elections Alberta there.

School at the Legislature

Elections Alberta recognizes the importance of engaging youth in the voting process to encourage life-long voting behaviour.

During the academic school year, from September to June, Elections Alberta takes part in the School at the Legislature (SATL) at the Alberta Legislature.

We engage students in grades 6 and 9 from across the province through interactive Elections in Alberta presentations every week in both English and French. Students participating in this immersive program learn about topics related to the provincial general election, such as:

  • The geography of the election, how the province is divided into electoral divisions,
  • The key actors and the roles they play in the electoral process, and
  • How voting works by participating in an election simulation that mirrors a real-life voting experience!

Learn more about the SATL programming? Click here

Do you want to request a presentation for your classroom or community? Click here.

Photo Credit: 2023-24 School at the Legislature Program

Election Programs

Once an election is called, Elections Alberta encourages all Albertans to participate in the election. Partnerships during a provincial general election play a vital role in raising awareness about how Albertans can get out to vote.

During the 2023 provincial general election, we worked in collaboration with the following local and national organizations:

  • During the 2023 provincial general election, Elections Alberta partnered with CIVIX to administer the Student Vote in Alberta. This experiential program brought democracy to life in elementary and high schools across the province for the fifth election since 2004.

    The Student Vote program, offered in both English and French, allowed students in grade 4 to 12 to learn about government and the provincial electoral process by researching parties and candidates, discussing the election with their classmates and family, and taking the role of election workers.

    In total, 1,383 schools participated in the student vote program, representing 75% of all eligible schools in the province. With 178,675 students casting ballots across all 87 electoral divisions, the 2023 Student Vote was the largest provincial parallel election in Alberta to date.

    Student Vote Alberta 2023 Results

    Student Vote Alberta Pictures

    Photo credit: Northcott Prairie School participating in the 2023 Student Vote.


    ‘’Programs such as student vote show student how the electoral system works and the importance of their vote to encourage them to vote in actual elections, bolstering voter turnout.’’

    ‘’Many students became very passionate about which candidate they were planning on voting for. We had several small-group discussion opportunities for students to engage with one another and participate in civil discourse.’’

    ‘’Excellent program!! My own children have participated in the Student Vote for the past 7 years. My son is now 19, was so excited to vote this time! He was confident and did not hesitate in understanding the process of voting because of your program.’’


  • During the 2023 Alberta Teacher Association Teachers Conventions, CIVIX organized four day-long capacity building events to provide tools and resources to support teaching about elections, democracy, and civic participation.

    In total, 236 teachers attended the democracy bootcamps at the following teachers’ conventions:

    • North Central Teachers Convention
    • Calgary City Teachers’ Convention,
    • Palliser District Teachers’ Convention, and
    • Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention.

    99% of teachers said their experience improved their capacity to deliver the 2023 Alberta Student Vote program.


    ‘’I really enjoyed Democracy Bootcamp. It allows me to connect with mind-like educators in my province and learn new skills.’’ (High School Teacher)

    ‘’I have attended in the past and each one has added to my confidence in engaging my students to be informed citizens.’’ (Elementary Teacher)

    ‘’I am not being hyperbolic when I say this is the best PD available to Social Studies teachers.’’ (Junior High Teacher)

  • For the 2023 provincial general election, Elections Alberta distributed election resource packages directly to 293 public libraries across Alberta. In addition to an information sheet for library staff when helping patrons seek election information, these packages included the Voting in Alberta Provincial Elections guide available in 27 languages, and information about applying to work as an election officer. Many libraries used these materials to set up election information stations in their libraries.

    Photo credit: Calgary Public Library

Ongoing Programs

Talking about elections and democracy doesn’t only happen during an election year.

Elections Alberta is actively seeking to engage with communities and organizations that serve Albertans. We want to explore ways we can work together to share election information related to making voting accessible to everyone and reducing voting barriers.

If you work with youth, new Canadians, Indigenous communities, people experiencing poverty or homelessness, or people with disabilities, we want to collaborate with you! Contact us at or call 780-427-7191.