Media Visits to Voting Places

If you wish to gather footage, take photos, or otherwise cover activities at the voting place, please take note of the following guidelines: 

  • Arrangements must be made in advance with the returning officer. 
  • Upon arrival at the voting place, members of the media should make their presence known to the supervisor. 
  • The supervisor will inform the election officers and voters present as to the presence of the media.  
  • If any voter objects to media taking video or pictures in the voting place, the media must wait until the elector has voted and exited the voting place.  
  • Care must be taken not to block access to the voting place entrance or otherwise interfere with the orderly operation of the voting place. Media visits must be brief. 
  • Cameras cannot go behind the voting screen. No picture or video may be taken of a ballot, such that the secrecy of the vote is compromised.