Electoral Boundaries Commissions

The Electoral Boundaries Commission Act requires that a commission be appointed during the first session of the legislature, following the second general election after the commission’s last appointment and if at least 8 years has passed since the previous commission.

The last commission was established on October 31, 2016.
(The next commission may be held as soon as 2024.)

Each commission must also report to the legislature and to the general public. This includes all information relevant to the recommendations they wish to make to Alberta’s electoral boundaries.

The following reports detail these activities and the rationale for the establishment of historical electoral boundaries in Alberta.

Year of Commission Public Submissions Interim Reports Final Reports
2016/17 (abebc.ca) Submissions: Part 1, Part 2 Interim Final
2009/10 See Appendix of Report (right) Interim Final
2002/03 (altaebc.ab.ca) Submissions Interim Final
1995/96 See Appendix of Report (right) N/A Final
1991/92 Committee Report N/A Final

Additional information may be available from the Alberta Legislative Library. Access to their catalogue is available here.